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Since I was born, I have been a first-hand witness to compassion and professionalism within the medical industry.  Under the tutelage of my mother, a small town family practice physician, I have seen how demanding and rewarding the medical profession can be.  She owns her own practice, and manages a small staff and a growing number of patients.  I worked in her office where I developed an appreciation for the complexities framework of the medical industry.  Both as a healthcare worker and a daughter I learned to view the doctor's time as an important and limited resource.  Doctors and their staff are busy enough trying to keep up with the demands of patient care that they shouldn't need to take on the extra pressures of medical billing and clerical management.  There are plenty of reasons doctors lose time and money, whether they are working with the wrong medical billing company or trying to do everything themselves.  I founded Emerald Medical Billing because there are so many great healthcare providers out there that are not getting the medical billing services that they deserve.  We provide medical billing services that are unique from any other company.  A partnership with Emerald Medical Billing will allow you more time for patient care and the confidence that your medical billing company is helping you reach your potential.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing at Northern Arizona University in 2006.  After college I embarked upon a career in healthcare office management.  I have medical billing experience in most specialties and in many settings including: private practices, alternative care clinics, medical billing companies, nursing homes, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals.  With a broad range of applicable experience from front desk, billing, office manager, human resources, to medical assistant, I have a full set of professional tools and capabilities to put to work for you.

My experiences with other medical billing companies have largely been impersonal, with improperly trained staff, often sourced from other countries.  Such are the results when the industry places its profit margins above the needs of doctors.  My aim is to make the goals of my partners, among Emerald's top priorities.  I don't outsource work to other countries and my commitment to staff training guarantees Emerald Medical Billing will remain relevant in the complex world of medical billing so we can enjoy great partnership for years to come.


With warmest regards,

Michelle Albertson


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