About Us



Increased demands on medical practices have made third party practice management and medical billing companies ever more cost-effective.  Are you ready to spend less time worrying about the bills while increasing your profit. Allow your staff to focus on patient care and let us take care of your medical billing. Your goals for your practice are our goals. We aim for 100% satisfaction in all our partnerships, and employ courtesy, warmth, and respect in all our communication with your patients.



How we "Bill a better tomorrow"

Emerald Medical Billing means better efficiency within your practice and peace of mind that your medical billing needs are met with a human touch. Emerald Medical Billing is a medical billing and practice management company located in Arizona in the Phoenix East Valley area. We customize our medical billing process to meet the needs of your practice rather than requiring your practice to mold to our process. There will be a very easy transition when you switch to Emerald Medical Billing. We go the extra mile and Emerald may seem more like a department in your office than a separate entity. We strive to make personal connections with our partners for the benefit of patients, physicians and the community. We offer medical billing services from A-Z and we also offer specialized services that can be short-term or long-term from cleaning up accounts receivable and medical billing while your practice is short staffed.   


Advantage of Emerald Medical Billing


  • Allow your practice to focus on patient care
  • Knowledgeable & experienced billers to handle all your medical billing needs
  • Improve cash flow & overall profitability
  • Fast turnaround times with claims & revenue
  • Reduce rejected claims
  • Reduce write offs
  • Increase efficiency and save money on medical billing expenses
  • We fight for every dollar, no matter how small the claim
  • We accommodate providers busy schedules, you can contact us after business hours


Are you sick of all the paperwork? We can help!

Our Mission

Is to enable physicians more time for patient care and the confidence that we our helping practices reach their potential. We customize a medical billing process for each practice and maximize reimbursement. Start "Billing A Better Tomorrow" by partnering with Emerald Medical Billing.